About Us

The LSRCD was established in 1999. The District covers approximately 4,200 km2 (420,000 ha) and is located in southwestern Manitoba. The LSRCD’s municipal partners are the Rural Municipalities of Oakview, Minto-Odanah, Yellowhead, and Rosedale; Riverdale Municipality, the Municipalities of Clanwilliam-Erickson and Harrison Park; and the Town of Minnedosa.

The District encompasses the majority of the Little Saskatchewan River watershed and a portion of the Arrow-Oak River watershed, which are both part of the larger Assiniboine River Basin.  Unique features of our watersheds include the prairie pothole landscape, significant slopes, steep valley walls, and an abundance of wildlife.

Programs available protect surface and ground water resources, repair actively eroding areas, prevent the erosion of top soil, and maintain wildlife habitat.  Significant emphasis is placed on educational initiatives to all residents of the District through information days, tours, providing resources to our municipal partners and local libraries, school activities, and camp programs.  Programs and projects completed within the District contribute to the achievement of goals within the Little Saskatchewan River and Arrow-Oak River integrated watershed management plans.

Little Saskatchewan River Conservation District

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