Water Quality

Nutrient Management

This program allows landowners the flexibility of choosing the solution to address the source of nutrient loading specific to their property.  Eligible projects are those that manage nutrient inputs or address nutrient rich environmental hazards.  Possible projects can be, but are not limited to the following:  composting toilets to replace outhouses, replacement of leaking septic tanks, the use of intercropping, green manure, or environmentally smart nitrogen (ESN) in annual grain cropping systems, or alternative watering systems, fencing, and crossings for livestock management.  Applications will be assessed based on their benefit to the watershed, allowing landowners to receive financial assistance of 75% of the project costs up to a maximum of $2500.  Application deadline is May 31st with projects being completed by July 31st.

Nutrient Management Application Form

Nutrient Management Program Rating Criteria

Surface Water Management2-6&5

The District will work with landowners to store water on the land and to reduce the effects of erosion caused by flowing water. Project costs will be shared by the landowner and the conservation district. Applications will be assessed based on the benefits to the watershed. Please contact the office if you have a project idea.

Surface Water Mangement Application Form

Surface Water Management Program Rating Criteria

Pipeline Plow

Pipeline Plow

The pipeline plow buries plastic pipe, max. 2” diameter up to 18” deep, for summer use. Rental rate is $100/day, which includes transportation to the site and technical support. If water line is needed, the District can provide it for a cost of 60 cents/foot (price of plastic pipe subject to change).

Pipeline Plow Application Form


Offsite Watering System Trial

Offsite Watering System Trial
On a trial basis, producers can rent a portable solar powered offsite watering system for a 3-week period at a cost of $150. The District will transport, set-up and take down the system all at the convenience of the producer. Call the office today to book the system.