The CD staff has compiled a list of the programs and stats the District has accomplished since its inception in 1999.  We have also included the last fiscal year (2013) to showcase what we accomplished most recently. Stats are broken down by watershed, and programs are listed in the years they were offered. Some are still current while others have changed, ie cross fencing, riparian fecning, alternative watering are now all under nutrient management.

2013 program stats

CD program stats (1999 – 2013)


Nutrient Management Showcase

On July 26, 2012, the LSRCD hosted a bus tour.  The event was a showcase of nutrient management projects completed by landowners and residents in our watersheds and the benefits of these projects.

The day started with a presentation by Rivers Collegiate students on their project “Water Management and the Little Saskatchewan River Watershed”.  The enthusiasm of the young people set the tone for the day.

Other stops on the the tour highlighted:

  • the use of compost as an alternative to commercial fertilizer
  • nutrient removal at wastewater treatment lagoons
  • products one can use in the home
  • variable-rate fertilizer application in grain production
  • how to design livestock systems to keep the animals on the land
  • an ecosystem approach to conduct an environmental assessment
  • research of vegetative buffer strips to test if they effectively impeded the movement of nutrients from annually cropped fields.

Thank you to all who took part in the tour.  Your involvement made the event a success.

Click here to view the tour booklet.