Little Saskatchewan River IWMP

The Little Saskatchewan River watershed is part of the larger Assiniboine River Basin in south-western Manitoba. The watershed extends from Riding Mountain National Park in the north to the Assiniboine River in the south. The northern part of the watershed falls in the boreal ecosystem, with the southern part of the watershed in the Aspen Parkland ecosystem. The watershed covers approximately 1,600 square miles and is home to permanent and seasonal residents. Permanent cover makes up just over half of the land cover in the watershed (trees 30% and grassland 21%), annual cropland accounts for 35% of the land use and aquatic habitats of lakes and wetlands account for 12% of the watershed.

Little Saskatchewan River Watershed Map

Little Saskatchewan River State of Watershed Report (Large file size, 7.42 MB)

Little Saskatchewan River Watershed Integrated Watershed Management Plan