Province of Manitoba – Long Term Water Quality Station

On behalf of Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship, the Little Saskatchewan River Conservation District conducts the quarterly sampling at the long-term water quality stations on the Little Saskatchewan River, Oak River, and Assiniboine River near Griswold.

Ducks Unlimited Canada

Since early in the history of the Little Saskatchewan River Conservation District, the two agencies have worked together to deliver programs and projects that benefit both the Arrow-Oak River and Little Saskatchewan River watersheds.  Past successes have been the saline seed program, forage seed program and the restoration of a wetland.  Current initiatives are the sponsorship of the Oak Hammock Marsh “On the Go” program.   For more information on this program, check out the Watershed Extension page.

The Lake Group

Along with other stakeholder groups, the Little Saskatchewan River Conservation District is a member of the Clear Lake Watershed Working Group (Lake Group).  The Lake Group was formed to be an ongoing forum for discussion specific to Clear Lake and its watershed and to develop broad commitments towards actions which will assist in attaining a vision for the Lake.

Rapid City Reservoir

The Little Saskatchewan River Conservation District is working with stakeholders to rectify the siltation which has occurred in the reservoir.